Carla Linares
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1991, Barcelona, España.

She feels interested in theatre from her childhood. She starts her studies when she is 12 at Nancy Tuñón school, being the first of several schools where she has trained. She also studied Psychology at the University of Barcelona.

Having worked in some short films with Maria Barranco and Anna Castillo, in 2015 she stars Les amigues de l’Àgata created by four young female directors. That same year she shoots her second feature film Julia ist directed by E. Martin.

She debuts on stage with a young creative play, Like si lloras, with La Companyia Els Malnascuts, at the same time she films for the medium-length film Adónde vamos. In September 2016 she will be “Puck” in the adaptation of A Midsummer Night’s Dream directed by Iván Morales. She will also start the shooting of Las del hockey series, where she will be the coach of a women hockey team.

Nowadays she still trains in Meisner Technique with Javier Galitó-Cava in l’Estudi per l’actor de Laura Jou y con Luci Lenox in Frankenstein Studio.

Carla Linares with Alberto Chester in Verano 78, 2016. Directed by Serapi Soler
Carla Linares with Victòria Serra in Las amigas de Àgata, 2015. Directed by L. Alabart, A. Cros, L. Rius, M. Verheyen

La enfermedad del domingo · Dir. Ramón Salazar
Adónde vamos · Dir. Cristina Ribes
Júlia ist · Dir. Elena Martín
Las amigas de Àgata · L. Alabart, A. Cros, L. Rius, M. Verheyen

Verano 78 · Dir. Serapi Soler
La visita · Dir. Carmen Bellas
Carla · Dir. Nacho S. Quevedo

Sueño de una noche de verano · Dir. Iván Morales
Like si Lloras · Dir. Elena Martín, Anna Serrano
Columbine at sun · Dir. Jorge Yammam

Interpretación · Estudi de l’actor Laura Jou
Programa de Técnica Meisner · Javier Galitó-Cava (4to nivel)
Acting in English · Frankstein Studio con Luci Lenox
Combate escénico · Valentina Calandriello
Método Daulte · Carla Torres
Curso anual Diplomatura CINE/TV en central de Cine de Madrid
Curso intensivo INGLÉS Maria Ripoll y Luci Lenox en Central de Cine Madrid

Castellano, Catalán, Inglés, Alemán

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