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Enio Mejía
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Enio Mejía

1974, Culiacán – Sinaloa · México

At only 17 years of age, Enio begins his professional development in three Mexican productions, Trampa Mortal, Pesadilla Asesina and Justicia as Directing Assistant.  A year later he begins his degree in Journalism in Mexico City at Nuevo Mundo University.

After graduating in Communication Science in 1995, he begins his studies in Dramatic Arts in M&M Studio, the prestigious school of Patricia Reyes Spíndola also in Mexico City. In 1998 he gets a scholarship to continue his training in the Estudio Internacional de Juan Carlos Corazza in Madrid. From then on, his professional trajectory is linked to theatre, cinema and publicity.

In 2006 he writes and directs WC, the first Spanish production entirely carried out digitally. The film participated in the Cine Latino Festival in Miami, in the Festival Internacional de Cine in LLeida and in Gran Canaria and the Festival Gallo Verde in Buenos Aires. Enio has written and directed two short films, Mareta in 2010, and Historias en aire in 2011. Since that year he has developed an intense career in theatrical direction with works such as Tom en la granja and La ciudad borracha in 2016. He has directed different films in various countries for example Ella in Miami and Mexico City in 2013, Pin, pan…toda la vida and Siempre podemos soñar in Madrid and Miami in 2011, among others.

Since 2014, his professional career has amplified, shooting advertisements for companies such as Uber, Mastercard, Comunidad de Madrid and MULAFEST festival. Since 2013 he has been giving various courses and workshops on Performance.

In 2022, he premiered his latest short film, Camino a Damasco, starring Greta Fernández and Anna Castillo, with music by Isabel Fernández and Najwa Nimri.

WC · 2006 [Director, Writer]
DIRTY MONEY · 1995 [Production Assistant]
JUSTICIA · 1994 [Directing Assistant]
TRAMPA MORTAL · 1992 [Directing Assistant]
PESADILLA ASESINA · 1992 [Directing Assistant]

CAMINO A DAMASCO · 2022 [Director]
MARETA · 2010 [Director]
HISTORIAS EN EL AIRE · 2011 [Director, Cowriter]

TOM EN LA GRANJA · 2016 [Director]
LA CIUDAD BORRACHA · 2016 [Director]
ELA · 2015 [Director]
SÓTANO · 2014 [Director]
INVIERNO EN EL BARRIO ROJO · 2013 [Directing Assistant]
ELLA · 2013 [Director, Cowriter]
A MI CON MILONGAS · 2011 [Director]
SIEMPRE PODEMOS SOÑAR · 2011 [Director, Cowriter]
PIN, PAN… TODA LA VIDA · 2011 [Director, Cowriter]
YO TE AMO · 2011 [Director]
MEJUNJES · 2011 [Director]

UBER EATS · 2016 [Audiovisual Maker]
UBER · 2016 [Audiovisual Maker]
MASTERCARD PRICELESS MADRID · 2016 [Audiovisual Maker]
MULAFEST · 2015 [Audiovisual Maker]
MASTERCARD PRICELESS MADRID · 2015 [Audiovisual Maker]
LUZIL · 2015 [Audiovisual Maker]
CORTOS POR EL MEDIOAMBIENTE · 2014 [Audiovisual Maker]
MULAFEST · 2014 [Audiovisual Maker]

ID·ARTE RECICLA 2014 · Comissioner and Jury
MULAFEST 2015 · Art Curator
MULAFEST 2014 · Art Curator

Acting 2002-1998 · Estudio Internacional Juan Carlos Corazza, Madrid
Acting 2001 · Augusto Fernández, Madrid
Acting 1998-1995 · M&M Estudio Patricia Reyes Spíndola, México DF
Audiovisual Communication 1993-1995 · Universidad Nuevo Mundo (Albatros) México D.F.

Spanish, English