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The Bride

AKA · La novia
DIRECTOR · Paula Ortiz
SCRIPT · Javier García, Paula Ortiz — based on Blood Wedding by Federico García Lorca
CAST · Inma Cuesta, Asier Extendía, Álex García, Manuela Vellés, Consuelo Trujillo, Leticia Dolera, Carlos Álvarez Novoa, Luisa Gavasa
MUSIC · Shigeru Umebayashi
RUNTIME · 100 min
PRODUCTION · Get In The Picture Productions, Mantar Film, Televisión Española

The Bride

Two men, one woman, a love story and a desire stronger than the law, wilder than the land around them. Leonardo — Asier Extendía, The Groom — Alex García — and The Bride — Inma Cuesta, have been an inseparable triangle since they were children, but Leonardo and The Bride share a special and almost invisible bond that cannot be broken … Years go by and The Bride, unhappy, prepares for her wedding day with The Groom in the middle of the bleak white desert, where she lives with her father. The day before the wedding, an old beggar knocks on her door offering her a gift and some advice: ‘Don’t marry him if you don’t love him,’ as she gives her two glass daggers.

The Bride
The Bride
The Bride

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