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Roger Gual
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Roger Gual

1973, Barcelona, Spain

In 2001 Gaul co-wrote and co-directed the film Smoking Room. The feature film was awarded the Best Screenplay prize, Best Joint Performance, and The Special Jury Award, at the 5th Annual Festival of Spanish Film, Malaga. Additionally, the film also received a special mention from the jury of the Karlovy Vary International Festival and a nomination for the Fassbinder award at the European Film Academy Awards. It also received the award for Best First Feature in Tudela and in La Mostra in Valencia, as well as the Goya Award for Best New Director in 2002. Smoking Room screened in commercial cinemas in June 2002. Gaul also published a book, Todo por un largo. Diarios de Smoking Room, with the publisher Ocho y Medio in Madrid.

In 2005 he wrote, filmed and edited his second feature film, this time directed by Gaul alone. Titled Remake, it was released in cinemas in April of 2006. The film was accepted for selection in various international festivals, including: Mar de Plata (Argentina), Locarno (Switzerland), Montreal (Canada), and it won the award for Best Actor with Juan Diego in the Spanish Film Festival in Malaga, as well as the award for Best Film and Best Actor (Álex Brendemühl) in the Primavera Cinematográfica in Lorca. Remake premiered in commercial cinemas in 2007 in Argentina and France, receiving critical acclaim in international newspapers, including La Nación, Libération and Le Monde.

In 2010 he directed the show Más allá del Puente for Santi Millán’s production company Zoopa. Álex Brendemühl and Marta Tomé starred in the play, which was performed at Teatro Borrás in Barcelona and Teatro Lara in Madrid, before touring Spain.

In 2012 he filmed his third feature film, Tasting Menu for the Zentropa Spain production company. It is a Spanish-Irish co-production featuring actors such as Fionnula Flanagan, Stephen Rea, Jan Comet, Claudia Bassols and Vicenta Ndongo. The film is expected to premiere in the spring of 2013.

In 2016 he works on the film 7 años starring Paco León, Juana Acosta y Álex Brendemuhl. A year later he directs various episodes of the Netflix series Las chicas del cable.

Roger Gual at the shooting of Remake, 2006
Roger Gual at the shooting of Remake, 2006

7 AÑOS · 2016 [Director, Guionista]
TASTING MENU · 2013 [Director, Writer]
REMAKE · 2006 [Director, Writer]
SMOKING ROOM · 2002 [Co-director, Co-writer with Julio Wallovits]

HOTEL · 2011 [Co-director, Co-writer with Celia Galán, Dani Ilario, Erika Lust, Nico Casavecchia, Sibel Sweeney, Steve Green]

INSTINTO · Movistar +
64 POSTURES · TV3 [Director, Writer]

MÁS ALLÁ DEL PUENTE · 2010 [Director]

Goya: Emergent Director · SMOKING ROOM
Festival de Cine de Málaga: Original Screenplay · SMOKING ROOM
Festival de Cine de Málaga: Audience Award · SMOKING ROOM
Festival de Cine de Málaga: Emergent Screenwriter · SMOKING ROOM
Festival Opera Prima Ciudad de Tudela: Original Screenplay · SMOKING ROOM
Mostra de València: Opera Prima · SMOKING ROOM
Premios Barcelona: Best Director · SMOKING ROOM
Premios Barcelona: Original Screenplay · SMOKING ROOM
Karlovy Vary International Film Festival: Jury Special Mention · SMOKING ROOM
Prix Fassbinder: Best Film, Nominated · SMOKING ROOM