Pablo Béjar
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1989, Sevilla, España

Graduate in Textual Interpretation from the Royal School of Dramatic Arts in Madrid (RESAD 2013).

Training therein conducted by masters of stage like Declan Donnellan, Will Keen, Vicente Fuentes, Jhon Strasberg, José Carlos Plaza or José Pedro Carrión.

Initially, in 2004, he began studying theatre in Seville at the Viento Sur school by which he travelled to Cuba in 2006 performing Bodas de Sangre for the biennial for Teatro en la Montaña (Theatre in the Mountain) in Cienfuegos. He later returned to Cuba where he created an exchange project directing the children’s theatre company “La Yagruma” for the Jobero Amphitheatre in Cumanayagua, a village where actors and locals lived together.

He returned to Seville (2007) and studied for two years at the Andalusian Centre for Dramatic Studies (CAT) where he conducted different case studies with experts such as Carlos Hipólito, Andrés Lima, Fernando Sansegundo, Alicia Hermida, Carlos Álvarez Novoa, Macarena Pombo, Mariano Barroso, Jaime Chavarri etc. He also started dubbing at this point.

In 2009 he moved to Madrid to study at RESAD. After graduating in 2013, he debuted in the Sala de La Princesa, a part of the Theatre María Guerrero with Haz Click Aquí under the direction of Jose Padilla and in a production of the National Drama Centre. He returned to the Sala de La Princesa of María Guerrero with #Malditos16 by Nando López and directed by Quino Falero. CDN.

He formed part of the Fourth Promotion of La Joven Compañía Nacional de Teatro Clásico where He starred in works such as La Dama Boba interpreted and directed by Alfredo Sanzol and Los Empeños de un Casa with director Yayo Cáceres and Pepa Gamboa. He was also part of the cast of La villana de Getafe directed by Roberto Cerdá, and Fuenteovejuna with a version by Alberto Conejero and directed by Javier Hernández Simón. His latest project at the Teatro de La Comedia is El Banquete with a version by Álvaro Tato and directed by Catherine Marnas and Helena Pimenta. With all these productions under his belt he turned to the International Classical Theatre Festival of Almagro, and also to the Alcalá Festival of Classics, Cáceres Festival, Olmedo Clásico and Olite.

Pablo has participated in series such as La Catedral del Mar and Brigada Costa del Sol produced by Mediaset and Warner Bros for Telecinco and Netflix.

Pablo Béjar with Manuela Velasco in El banquete, 2018. Directed by Catherine Marnas and Helena Pimenta
Brigada Costa del Sol, 2018. Courtesy Telecinco

BRIGADA COSTA DEL SOL · Telecinco y Netflix
LA CATEDRAL DEL MAR · Antena 3 y Netflix

EL BANQUETE. Compañía Nacional de Teatro Clásico · Dir. Catherine Marnas y Helena Pimenta
LOS EMPEÑOS DE UNA CASA. Compañía Nacional de Teatro Clásico · Dir. Yayo Cáceres y Pepa Gamboa
LA DAMA BOBA. Compañía Nacional de Teatro Clásico · Dir. Alfredo Sanzol
FUENTEOVEJUNA. JCNTC · Dir. Javier Hernández Simón
#MALDITOS 16. Centro Dramático Nacional · Dir. Quino Falero
F.O. FUENTEOVEJUNA · Dir. José Luis Arellano
HEY BOY HEY GIRL · Dir. José Luis Arellano
HAZ CLIC AQUÍ. Centro Dramático Nacional · Dir. Jose Padilla
RESILIENCIA · Dir. Jose Gómez Friha y Manu Bañez
POR EL SÓTANO Y EL TORNO · Dir. Jesús Salgado
TEATRO EN LA GUERRA · Dir. Raquel Mesa
HOTEL PARTY · Dir. Carlos Álvarez – Novoa
SOLEDADES · Dir. Jorge Cuadrelli
MORTEDIE · Dir. Juanlu Corrientes
BODAS DE SANGRE · Dir. Antonio Reina

Acting · Real Escuela Superior de Arte Dramático
Acting · Declan Donnellan
Acting · Jhon Strasberg
Acting · José Carlos Plaza
Training · Carlos Hipólito, Andrés Lima, José Pedro Carrión
Voice · Vicente Fuentes, Alicia Hermida, Concha Doñaque
Movement · Arnold Taraborelli, Sabina Cesaroni
Fencing · Iñaki Arana
Clown · Nestor Muzo, Clèment Triboulet
Acting · Macarena Pombo, Mariano Barroso, Juan Cavestany


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