Mar Sogues
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Mar Sogues

1999, Madrid, España

She begins in the world of dance at the mere age of 5 which means she becomes interested and enthusiastic in performance.

She has studied and studies various dance styles, from hip-hop to classic ballet. Nevertheless, she always wanted to exploit her interpretive side and she did so by starting her acting training in Jana productions. She obtained positive results and discovered a new passion: cinema and theatre.

Nowadays she combines her university studies with her courses in performance, sing and dance in various schools in Madrid.


El Mago de Oz · Jana Producciones

Interpretación, canto y danza · Jana Producciones
Danza · Studio de baile Montecarmelo
Danza · Isidanz
Danza · Estudio Lets Move
Danza · Urban Dance Camp
Danza · Nani Elena Mora

Castellano, Inglés, Alemán