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Guillem Clua holds a degree in Journalism from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (Spain) and started his writing training at the London Guildhall University (UK) in 1994. He’s currently considered one of the most innovative and versatile theatre voices in Spain. The critics have described his work as multidisciplinary, eclectic, and very concerned in narrative structure and plot. Storytelling is at the heart of his style, using elements from comedy, thriller or melodrama, a vibrating rhythm, and an unabashed influence from other media, like television and cinema. The result are strong political plays (Skin in Flames, Taste of Ashes), epic dramas (Marburg, Invasion), but also musicals (Killer, 73 Reasons to Leave You), dance-theatre shows (Death in Venice, Into the Desert), and comedies (Smiley).

Also, Clua has got an extense and recognized experience as a scriptwriter. A highlight is the TV series El cor de la ciutat (The Heart of the City). He joined the staff in 2003, and two years later he became show runner. He hold that position up to 2008. Also, he has worked in other series in local and national television. He is currently working for the popular Catalan show La Riera.

He’s currently living in Madrid.

La Riera · TV3
90-60-90 Diario secreto de una adolescente · Antena 3
El cor de la ciutat · TV3

Iliad · 2016 [Playwright]
Losers, by Marta Buchaca · 2015 [Director]
73 Reasons To Leave You · 2015 [Playwright]
Into the Desert · 2014 [Playwright, Director]
I love TV · 2014 [Playwright]
Revolution Will Not Be Twe · 2014  Playwright, Director]
Ashes · 2013 [Playwright]
Invasion · 2013 [Playwright]
Smiley ·2013  [Playwright, Director]
An Angel Passed By · 2013 [Playwright]
Killer · 2011 [Playwright]
The Panic Bird, by Lara Sendim · 2010 [Director]
Marburg ·2010 [Playwright]
Taste of Ashes · 2006 [Playwright]
Skin in Flames · 2003 [Playwright]
Death in Venice · 2002 [Playwright]
The Invisible · 2002 [Playwright]

Time Out Award for Best Show of 2013 · SMILEY.
Butaca Award 2013 for Best Show · SMILEY.
Butaca Award 2013 for Best Play · SMILEY.
Max Award nominee for Best Spanish Play · SKIN IN FLAMES.
Butaca Award nominee 2011 for Best Play · KILLER.
Butaca Award nominee 2011 for Best Musical · KILLER.
Butaca Award nominee 2010 for Best Play · MARBURG.
Butaca Award nominee 2010 for Best Show · MARBURG.
Ciutat d’Alcoi Theatre Award 2004 · SKIN IN FLAMES.
Critics Choice Award “Serra d’Or” for Best Play 2005 · SKIN IN FLAMES.
Butaca Award nominee 2005 for Best Play · SKIN IN FLAMES.
Ciutat d’Alcoi Theatre Award 2002 · THE INVISBLE.
Premios de la Música nominee 2006 for Best Song in Catalan · EL MAPA DEL TEU COR.

Spanish, Catalan, English.