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1989, Bueu, Pontevedra, Spain

He is in contact with the world of scenic arts thanks to his brother, who performed in a local theater group. This fact wakes a great passion on him for this world and following his brothers’ steps he joins his highschool theater group. Soon he’d realize he wants to become an actor and during those years he trains with the actor and director Fran Paredes, with whom he makes his first theater plays. He’ll complete his training with professionals such us Etelvino Vázquez or Casilda Alfaro in different disciplines.

He will end up getting a degree in Textual Acting in the Superior School of Drama of Galicia meanwhile he Works for the industry: El libro de la Selva (Barceló Productions) and Atra Bile at Teatro Ningures. He also filmed some short films like ¿Y… si? by Alexandra Fernández or Nestor Ares’ El que ríe el último.

In 2012 will start the most important theater Project for him: Hámster which took part in different international festival with great success—the FIOT in Carballo or the FITCF in Cangas de Onís. During these years he continues doing works for the audiovisual world such us the shortfilms Amodiña2 by GFStudio or Grupo Guerrera by FAP. In 2013 he moves to Madrid, where he continues his training as an actor.

In 2015 he releases the play Silencio, and collaborates in the TV series Pazo de Familia. In 2016 he apears in the TV shows Pulsaciones (Antena 3) and Serramoura (TVG).

Amodiña 2, 2013. Directed by Claudio García
Living for you, 2013. Directed by Anxos Fazáns

O TEU EFECTO EN MIN · Dir. Roberto Pérez Toledo
LIVING FOR YOU · Dir. Anxos Fazáns
¿Y… SI? · Dir. Alexandra Pérez
AMODIÑA 2 · Dir. Claudio García
El QUE RÍE EL ÚLTIMO · Dir. Nestor Ares

HÁMSTER · Dir. Santiago Cortegoso
MORGUE · Dir. Irene Moreira, Samuel Merino
EL LIBRO DE LA SELVA · Dir. María Pareja
ATRA BILE · Dir. Etelvino Vázquez


Acting for Television and Cinema · Escuela de Actores UNIR
Drama Degree · Escuela Superior de Arte Dramático de Galicia
Scenic Fighting · Lauren Atanes
Acting and Scenic Motion · Casilla Alfaro & Pepe Barreiro
Acting and Staging · Entelvino Vázquez
Modern Dance · Factory Dance
Contemporary Dance · Olga Cameselle

Spanish, English, Portuguese, Galicien

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