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Alejandra Sagaseta
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Alejandra Sagaseta

2001, Madrid, España

Alejandra begins her musical theater training at the age of 6, at the Marand Musical School, where she continued until she was 14 years old. Throughout these years she has participated in several theatrical productions.

At the age of 14, she starts taking guitar lessons and acting classes at ‘Primera Toma’, while she continues to take modern dance and hip-hop classes. A year later, she joins the AMOREVO Musical Theater group, where she made Tarzan the musical.

Currently she combines her high school studies with acting classes at ‘Primera Toma’, which is preparing the musical of Shrek this year. She is also taking dance classes in Marand Musical and singing classes with Rosario Ruiz.


SHREK · Grupo Amorevo
TARZÁN · Grupo Amorevo

Interpretación, canto y danza · Marand Musical
Danza moderna · Marand Musical
Danza · Muevete con Edae, Sergio Alcover
Interpretación · Primera Toma 
Canto · Rosario Ruíz

Castellano, Inglés