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8 apellidos catalanes

DIRECTOR · Emilio Martínez Lázaro
SCRIPT · Borja Cobeaga, Diego San José
CAST · Clara Lago, Dani Rovira, Carmen Machi, Karra Elejalde, Rosa María Sardá, Berto Romero, Belén Cuesta
MUSIC · Roque Baños
CINEMATOGRAPHY · Gonzalo F. Berridi, Juan Molina
RUNTIME · 95 min
PRODUCTION · Lazonafilms, Kowalski Films, Telecinco Cinema

8 apellidos catalanes

Some time after the events of Ocho apellidos vascos, Rafa — Dani Rovira — and Amaia — Clara Lago — have parted ways and now she is dating a Catalan man named Pau — Berto Romero. After having given in to the idea of his daughter dating an Andalusian, Koldo — Karra Elejalde — decides this is too much and ventures outside the borders of Euskadi for the first time in his life to search for Rafa in Seville and convince him to try and win Amaia’s heart back.

8 apellidos catalanes
8 apellidos catalanes
8 apellidos catalanes

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