Najwa Nimri
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1972, Pamplona, Spain

From her early career she has combined acting and music. She debuts in 1995 with Daniel Calparsoro’s Salto al vacío, achieving Berlin Festival’s Best European Actress Award. After participating in Calparsoro’s next two projects she acts for Alejandro Amenábar in Abre los ojos and in 1989 she starts her musical career with the musician and producer Carlos Jean.

She also shoots 9’8m/s2, by Alfonso Amador and Nicolás Méndez, and Julio Medem’s Los amantes del círuclo polar, being nominated to Best Main Role Actress Goya Award and winning the Ondas Aeard for that same role.

In 2000 she stars altogether with Javier Bardem Antes de que anochezca, by Julian Schnabel, and Fausto 5.0. This same year she shoots again with Calparsoro, being nominated to Goya Award for Best Song –she will get another nomination in the same category for Guerreros.

After another two films with Daniel Calparsoro (one of them, Pasajes, produced by Almodóvar and released in Cannes), and A ciegas (Official Selection in Venecia), she works again with Julio Médem in Lucía y el sexo, getting her second Goya Nomination to Best Role Actress.

In 2002 she releases the album Selection, with Carlos Jean. She also stars in Ramon Salazar’s Piedras and 20 centímetros, Daniel Azancot’s La reina del bar Canalla, María Ripoll’s Utopía, Frédéric Schoendoerffer’s Agentes secretos, Xabier Ribera’s A+ (Amas), and Marcelo Piñeyro’s El método.

In 2006 she records his solitaire album Walkabout and participates in Las vidas de Celia, by Antonio Chavarrías and Fernando Cámara’s Trastorno. Next year she worked with Icíar Bollaín in Mataharis and, years later, in También la lluvia.

In 2010 she participates in Medem’s Habitación en Roma, Mañas’s Todo lo que tú quieras and Ken Loach’s Route Irish. After that she records another solitaire album, El último primate.

In 2011 is released Chapero-Jackson’s Verbo and Maria Matteoli’s The Wine of Summer and, in 2013, 10.000 viajes a ninguna parte, where Ramón Salazar directs her after 9 years.

During 2015 and 2016 she stars in Antena 3’s great success Vis a Vis.

El método, 2005. Directed by Marcelo Piñeyro
Oviedo Express, 2007. Directed by Gonzalo Suárez

QUIÉN TE CANTARÁ · Dir. Carlos Vermut
THE WINE OF SUMMER · Dir. Maria Matteoli
TODO LO QUE TÚ QUIERAS · Dir. Achero Mañas
ROUTE IRISH · Dir. Ken Loach
EVEN THE RAIN · Dir. Iciar Bollaín
ROOM IN ROME · Dir. Julio Medem
VERBO · Dir. Eduardo Chapero-Jackson
OVIEDO EXPRESS · Dir. Gonzalo Suárez
MATAHARIS · Dir. Iciar Bollaín
TRASTORNO · Dir. Fernando Cámara
THE METHOD · Dir. Marcelo Piñeyro
LAS VIDAS DE CELIA · Dir. Antonio Chavarrías
20 CENTIMETERS · Dir. Ramón Salazar
SECRETS AGENTS · Dir. Frederic Schondoerfser
UTOPÍA · Dir. Maria Ripoll
STONES · Dir. Ramón Salazar
FAUSTO 5.0 · Dir. Álex Olle, Carlos Padrissa, Isidro Ortiz
SEX AND LUCIA · Dir. Julio Médem
BEFORE NIGHT FALLS · Dir. Julián Schnabel
ASFALTO · Dir. Daniel Calparsoro
THE CITIZEN · Dir. Jay Anania
OPEN YOUR EYES · Dir. Alejandro Amenábar
BLINDED · Dir. Daniel Calparsoro
PASAJES · Dir. Daniel Calparsoro
SALTO AL VACIO · Dir. Daniel Calparsoro
NI AQUÍ NI AHORA · Dir. Santiago Segura

DRAC PACK · Dir. Fernando Soto
ANTÍGONA · Dir. Rubén Ochandiano

VIS A VIS · Antena 3

Unión de Actores: Best TV Actress, Nominated · VIS A VIS
Premios Feroz: Best TV Actress, Nominated · VIS A VIS
Unión de Actores: Best TV Actress, Nominated · VIS A VIS
Círculo de Escritores Cinematográficos: Actress, Nominated · MATAHARIS
Festival de Valenciennes: Actress · MATAHARIS
Festival Cinespaña de Toulouse: Actress · PIEDRAS
Goya: Supporting Actress, Nominated · LUCIA Y EL SEXO
Unión de Actores: Supporting Actress, Nominated · LUCIA Y EL SEXO
Goya: Original Soundtrack, Nominated · GUERREROS
Goya: Best Song, Nominated · ASFALTO
Unión de Actores: Best Actress, Nominated · LOS AMANTES DEL CÍCULO POLAR
Goya: Best Actress, Nominated · LOS AMANTES DEL CÍRCULO POLAR
Angers European First Film Festival: Jean Carmet Award · SALTO AL VACÍO
Festival de Cine de Berlín: European Actress · SALTO AL VACÍO

Acting · Laboratorio de William Layton
Ballet · Jon Beitia
Singing · Coral de Lauro

Spanish, English

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