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María Romero

1992, Madrid

She started studying at RESAD at the age of 17. During her second year she discovers and bets for a new theatre group that wil grow and grow the following years: La Joven Compañía.

She combines her studies in acting with his work with the company, daily shows, even morning and evening, a lot of colloquiums, courses and collaborations with professionals.


In 2012 it is released the first professional on stage show, directed by José Luis Arellano: Invasión. From there, she works in every show year by year the next three years: Fuenteovejuna, Lord of the flies (playing Perceval), Punk Rock, the new Mayorga’s version of Fuenteovejuna and Proyecto Homero, playing Helena de Troya in Iliad and Odyssey. All these plays directed by José Luis Arellano.


Being only 23 and after four intense years of hard work she has already play more than 300 theatricals in Madrid and around Spain, several courses and collaborations with masters such as Gerardo Vera, Andoni Larrabeiti, Josep María Mestres, Mariano Marín, Mona Martínez, Eduardo Torroja…

In 2015 she debuts for the big screen in Icíar Bollaín’s El Olivo. After that she works in the feature film Historias Románticas (un poco) cabronas (Alex Yoga) y, furthermore, as main character in Lost Tapes’s videoclip “Go for the round” directed by Juanma Carrillo.

She still works with La joven compañía.

La Ilíada, 2016. Directed by José Luis Arellano
María Romero with Víctor de la Fuente in Punk Ronk, 2015. directed by José Luis Arellano

EL OLIVO · Dir. Icíar Bollaín

HEY BOY, HEY GIRL! · Dir. José Luis Arellano
LA ODISEA · Dir. José Luis Arellano
LA ILÍADA · Dir. José Luis Arellano
EL SEÑOR DE LAS MOSCAS · Dir. José Luis Arellano
PUNK ROCK · Dir. José Luis Arellano
INVASIÓN · Dir. José Luis Arellano
FUENTE OVEJUNA · Dir. José Luis Arellano

Interpretación · Ángel Gutiérrez
Interpretación · Josep María Mestres
Interpretación (comedia) · Chani Martín
Interpretación · Óscar de la Fuente.
El Actor en el Espacio · José Luis Raymon
Danza Contemporánea y Movimiento · Chevi Muradai
Danza Contemporánea y Movimiento · Andoni Larrabeiti
Movimiento · Mona Martínez
Canto · Ana Cristina Marco
Música y Voz · Mariano Marín
Meeting · Simon Stephens

Castellano, Inglés

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