Germán Alcarazu
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1997, Bilbao, Spain

From a very young age he knew he wanted to be an actor, and never lost the hope in becoming one, although this seemed as an unattainable dream to him.

In 2013 a casting call was held on his high school in order to find the main characters for A escondidas Mikel Rueda’s debut. After some try-outs, Germán was picked to become one of these characters, meaning his first great opportunity in the industry.

A escondidas was submitted in Malaga Film Festival garnering very good critics.

Nowadays, Germán combines high school with acting studies.

A escondidas, 2013. Directed by Mikel Rueda
A escondidas, 2013. Directed by Mikel Rueda

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Spanish, English, Basque

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