Adrián Expósito
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1989, San Lorenzo de El Escorial, Madrid

He showed special interest for cinema and what surrounds it from a very young age. Spent his childhood going from school to theater training and from there to his mothers’ videoclub where he watched everything that reached his hands. Later on, as a teenager, he worked selling movies at a mall.

Making a step forward, he starts studying acting at Cristina Rota’s and also takes courses on acting in front of the camera with the cast director Felipe Gómez, combining all of this with some Works in advertising and pilots for movies and tv with Sebastián Grousset, Carlos Montero and Tristán Ulloa. That year he gets the leading role in Eduardo Casanova’s short film Fumando espero.

In 2012 he participates in the TV series Toledo, cruce de destinos, for what he starts studying horse riding and scenic swordmanship. His debut for the big screen came the same year, when he performed the leading role in the movie 2 francos, 40 pesetas, directed by Carlos Iglesias. With big interest in keep training his acting that year he began studying emotional branches with Carmen Rico and Clown with Hermán Gené.

In 2014 he stars in Roberto Perez Toledo’s Los amigos raros for Calle 13 with whom he will work again one year later in the film Como la espuma

2 francos, 40 pesetas [Adrián Expósito with Luisber Santiago], 2014. Directed by Carlos Iglesias
Los amigos raros [Adrián Expósito with Javier Zapata], 2014. Directed by Roberto Pérez Toledo

COMO LA ESPUMA · Dir. Roberto Pérez Toledo
LOS AMIGOS RAROS · Dir. Roberto Pérez Toledo
2 FRANCS, 40 PESETAS · Dir. Carlos Iglesias

CHERRY · Dir. Pepe Puertas & David Cervera
OSITO · Dir. Coré Ruiz 
MEDIANOCHE · Dir. Toni Morejón
TROIS · Dir. Roberto Pérez Toledo
ALMOHADA · Dir. Guillermo Escribano
FUMANDO ESPERO · Dir. Eduardo Casanova


La Chica Almorrana · Olga Alamán

Acting · Escuela de Interpretación de Cristina Rota
Acting For The Camara · Felipe Gómez
Emotional Branches · Carmen Rico
Clown · Hernan Genês
Horse Riding & Scenic Swordplay


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