Cristina Garbó
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Cristina Garbó

2000, Madrid, España

She receives a bilingual education in English from the age of two.

Her approach to the theatre arts begins at nine years old whilst attending a specialized summer camp in the United States for eight consecutive years, for two months every summer. She is awarded the Vanguard as recognition of her work and is invited to join The Stock Company, where she partakes of productions like Sense and Sensibility, Twelve Angry Women, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime, Matilda and Into the Woods.

She continues her training by taking acting lessons in William Layton, Primera Toma and Theatre for the People. Moreover, she acts in the plays La Casa de Bernarda Alba and Después de la Lluvia, directed by Cristina Alcázar.

At four years old she takes on ballet and traditional Spanish dance at the Escuela Municipal de Pozuelo de Alarcón; at thirteen she begins taking funky lessons at the Escuela de Víctor Ullate; and at Escuela Daccapo, she dances ballet and contemporary, and starts singing lessons.



También la lluvia · Dir. Cristina Alcázar
La casa de Bernarda Alba · Dir. Cristina Alcázar
Sense and Sensibility · The Stock Company
Talk Radio · The Stock Company
Twelve Angry Women · The Stock Company
A Midsummer Night’s Dream · The Stock Company
The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime ·  The Stock Company
The Wolves · The Stock Company
Matilda · The Stock Company
The Little Mermaid · The Stock Company
Into The Woods · The Stock Company

Acting · William Layton
Acting · Primera toma
Acting · Theatre for the People

Spanich, English

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